Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Star Wars Rebels: Fire Across the Galaxy

My interest in Rebels has been teetering for the last few episodes, after binge watching all 5.5 seasons of The Clone Wars back in December this show feels very limited in scope and this is supposed to be a bridge between RotS and ANH it seems rather dull. The troopers from The Clone Wars were highly skilled, battle hardened soldiers and the troopers in Rebels are embarrassingly's hard to believe they degraded so rapidly since RotS.
I have my fair share of reservations about SW Rebels but seeing Ahsoka was a pleasant surprise! I'm hoping season 2 expands on multiple rebel cells, actually they could focus on an entirely different cell and I'd be fine with that. Of the cast I'm really not feeling Ezra Bridger all that much.
Too bad for Kanaan, because I like his character but I couldn't care less if his Padawan ate a lightsaber blade...
I also think Sabine has alot of potenial and I was excited to hear her character will be in Gareth Edwards 2016 Star Wars spin off movie!
I do appreciate how they've blended McQuarrie's early designs for the Wookies (Zeb), R2 (Chopper) and Vader into Rebels visual style.

As I mentioned it's a nice way to pay homage to McQuarrie's vision but the art direction betrays the target audience, it appears more cartoony that The Clone Wars but then you get the Inquisitor who is was a bit unnerving for my 5 y/o son and scenes where Kanaan is being tortured. I'm also curious what the Inquisitor meant by thing's far worse than death...I'm guessing he means what happened to Anakin...

To summarize Anakin saved Ahsoka in SW The Clone Wars and I think for many Ahsoka saved Kanaan and the crew of the Ghost in more ways than one...
So glad she's back, I wonder if she knows what her former master has become?