Monday, March 2, 2015

The Walking Dead S5 E63 Remember

I'd like to start this off with a childhood friend I remember who would welcome Rick's family into his neighborhood much the way Deanna did last night...Mr Rodgers!

Unlike last weeks episode this week I actually have some thoughts to share...
First off as a former Sheriff I'm kinda shocked Rick doesn't sense Alexandria has some issue! I shouldn't say that because he did, when he questions Deanna's reasoning for opening their gates to a group as feral looking as are. As a politician she aptly diverts the conversation just enough to avoid telling Rick their problem....
I loved watching the recordings of the interviews, especially Carol's!!! She is masterful at spy work! I love how she fed Deanna the whole mother hen story, agrees to bake for the ol folks, and then at the end she tells Rick this place will make us weak! Damn Carol you are one smart survivor! Daryl had me laughing with the possum, it obvious he's not feeling this place at all, and Glenn he's showing signs of PTSD....he needs Alexandria, Michonne wants Alexandria, the rest we'll see in the following weeks.
Rick and the group find the luxuries of running hot water, throw pillows and video games and the shit we take for granted in our every day lives unnerving. The people of Alexandria go about their daily lives as if the horrors beyond the walls doesn't exist....and this is exactly what Carl and Carol mean when they tell Rick that this place will make them weak. 
Things of note, the girl Carl meets, Enid, jumping the wall obviously doesn't want to be spotted....why? Where did she disappear to? to the 3 excommunicated residents? 

And who took Ricks pistol with the J on it (we all know what thats for....shudders)
Oh dangit someone took the walker I chained up, I absolutely loved the scene where Glenn fuckin shut down Aiden,
A:"You're not ready for runs yet"
G: "pretty sure you got that backwards"
Fuck yeah Glenn!
And Daryl pacing like Darth Maul HELL YEAH!
Obviously Alexandria doesn't know who they're dealing with!

Let's review:
S1 CDC....blown up
S2 Hershels Farm....over run by walkers
S3 Prison/ Woodbury...War
S4 Prison/Terminus...canibals!
S5 Alexandria.....sorry I'm not holding out much hope here....