Thursday, April 16, 2015

Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Trailer #2

I've watched the trailer about a dozen times now and honestly I'm not feeling the hype everyone else is. There were some cool looking shots like the Crashed Star Destroyer and seeing the Chrome trooper but sadly my focus is on stupid shit like I'm hoping Daisey Ridley's characters name is Kira, I prefer it to Rey.
Overall I enjoyed the trailer, a few things irked me though. Vader's helmet looked like clay, not exactly what I would think it would look like after a funeral pyre and 3 decades out in the elements.
Next Chewie looks really good for his age...I'm not sure what the life cycle of a Wookie is compared to a human but a few greys would've been fine in my opinion.
Yes seeing the Falcon fly into an upside down SSD was cool just not original, but i get it...a little OT fan service goes a long way to build hype via nostalgia.From everything I've read this is where Han and Chewie pick up Kira, BB8 and Fynn....probably after showing the lightsaber to Rose in the tavern (ala ANH).
I don't think the hooded figure with the cybernetic hand is Luke....just a feeling. I liked the chrome trooper and the scene with the Storm troopers at attention with the mystery figure on the stage behind them but felt like it betrays our imagination of the state the Empire is in 30 years after the death of the Emperor. The empire apparently thrives after Sidious gets tossed by Vader. Will this movie betray our beliefs of Sidious' true extent of power? I hope not.
Kylo Ren...I'm not sold on you buddy....I think you have potential to be a memorable villian just do me a favor and don't die in episode VII.
8 months to go....I'm still staying cautiously optimistic.