Sunday, April 26, 2015

iZombie: My guilty pleasure while TWD is off season

With the conclusion of season 5 of TWD I've been getting my undead fix with the CW's show iZombie which is also based on a comic.
The Zombie fad is eventually gonna reach over saturation, movies, video games, television they're every where! But until then I'll keep consuming the hordes of undead media out there.
I'm enjoying this show for all the things TWD is not, it's a less serious more fun look at zombies...and the main character's name is Liv Moore!.....she's a's the satirical aspects like that that first got my attention but the show actually answers the age old conundrum why do zombie's need to eat the brains of the living? iZombie does an amazing job balancing the lightheartedness and the darker side of zombie apocalypse.
Now if we could get Rose McIver to make a guest appearance on TWD and Andrew Lincoln to do a guest appearance on iZombie fans of both shows would enjoy it as much as a bowl of medulla oblongata over ramen with some franks red hot.