Sunday, April 26, 2015

Transformers Robots in Disguise: My initial impressions

So I've been watching this new series with my son who is 5, I tried to get him to watch Transformers Prime last year but it was too scary for him....yeah I'm looking at you Megatron!

He loves his Transformers Rescue bots and this new show fits perfectly between the two age brackets of Rescue bots and Prime.
Remember Saturday morning cartoons as a kid? Well my son is experiencing his own version with T:RiD, he wakes up at the ass crack of dawn asking me or my wife to turn the TV on so he can watch Grimlock cannonball the bad guys.
I'll admit I watch it with him and occasionally chuckle but he loves the antics of Bumblebee and his crew's weekly adventures as they try to wrangle up the Dcon catch of the week. How can you not laugh at Grimlock doing his best Cool-aid man impression?!(can't find the clip on YT)
Not much to say about the show yet, I really enjoyed Prime and I feel like the only reason I'm watching Robots in Disguise is because it's supposed to be a direct follow up to the Prime series....the show is called Robots in Disguise  yet we have Decepticons running around that transform in animals like giant lobsters, sharks, wolves, buffalo etc....great disguise, no one's gonna see that. And why are these Decepticons alt forms Earth creatures????

I've also read about a brand new female Autobot named Windblade that will make her debut on RiD, a very cool look in both modes, check out the clip below.