Thursday, December 19, 2013

USFIV second trailer thoughts and feelings

So Yoshinori Ono revealed the second trailer for USFIV during the Capcom Cup last week and put the kabash on some of the rumors revolving around the mystery 5th character.
Since this charade began I initially thought it was Asura, after that was disconfirmed, I dug deep based on the clues Ono dropped after that and guessed Kevin (Ken) Straker from Street Fighter 2010. Recently many people (on Capcom Unity) were saying Retsu, even I began to think he had a chance based on the fact they're porting over a few of the SFXT stages and the Mishima estate stage looks ALOT like Retsu's SF1 stage!

But alas Ono has disconfirmed back into the mists of obscurity for you my friend, And in fact all male characters can sit down...Ono's latest hint is the character is female and now the most popular opinion is the 5th character is a Shadaloo doll,

Or Decapre

Taking into consideration the limited budget this title upgrade has, this makes the most sense to me, use Cammy's character model. Personally I prefer Jianyu over Decapre but Decapre would be easier to build just add Vega's claw and a mask......

Now onto the trailer....Red Focus costs a full meter! 4 EX moves or 1 Super....pretty steep price to absorb a bunch of hits....basically only use red focus against ultras /supers and counter with your Ultra....but watch out for the Double Ultra counter to your Red Focus/Ultra counter!
Elimination/ Team Battle: I think this is just an upgrade from what we already have, the new aspect is 1V1 with 3 characters each or 3v3 with 1 character each.
Online Training Mode: Meh I call that endless 1v1 private room...
Basically the trailer left me very underwhelmed..hype level low.