Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy 40th birthday Krogenar!!

I don't think there are many people who can say they're best friend is a person they met in the third grade! I can, and today we're celebrating you're 40th birthday dude!
My best friend and I have a looooong history of playing games from the original SMB on the NES to playing Zanac and Golgo 13 to the wee hours of the night in the Poconos to the countless quarters in the arcade playing Street Fighter II, to the hours spent in your parents den playing SFII on the SNES. I remember our Super Mario Kart battles, you showing me doom on your PC and trying your damnedest to get me hyped about MUD's....that was as exciting to me as Zork. I remember saying something like can I get some video in my video games...
The gaming memories continued into the  the mid nineties with the PS1....hours of Twisted Metal 2 death matches in Paris LMAO GRIMMM!!!!Parapa the Rapper, CTR, SFA1,2,3
FFXI on the PS2, CVS2, SSX3 online....while it lasted, Twisted Metal: Black, Socom 1,2,3
Modern Warfare 1 & 2 on PS3, Street Fighter IV...
So as any respectable gaming guru would do I got you a legacy of gaming history, it spans 25 years of gaming from the NES to the PS3! 1 collection, 2 graphic novels, 8 games, a 100 page booklet of awsome!
I give you....