Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E8 Too far gone recap

This was a TOUGH episode to watch!
It felt a little premature, the whole story of the governor taking control of Martinez' group felt very rushed...one minute he's an outsider in this group, next he's rallying this small group to arms against people they don't know by a guy they barely know.
I can't imagine how shit is gonna get worse than it is at this point but apparently it will!
Some characters are harder to say goodbye to and my wife actually got off our asses during the "conversation" between Rick and The Governor, I was literally pleading to the TV not to kill the person the governor had at the edge of Michonne's blade. Seeing that character die the way he did hurt....I hate seeing old people get hurt!
Once shit got real, it got really real! Alot of red shirts died...Rick takes one in the leg and then fights ol' cyclops and gets beat within an inch of his life, Bobby takes one in the shoulder, and as the Governors troops begin gaining ground Ricks group begins to scatter, but not before Daryl mutha fuckin Dixon blows up a tank by throwing a grenade down the barrel, uses a Walker as an undead riot shield, and sticks a bolt in MItch (never liked that dude)!!! Way to go King of the Whiskey Tango's!!!!
Tyresse is saved by little Lizzie, I bet he's glad she never missed Story time with Carol!!!
The sick are put on the bus, and who da fuq was that black lady on the bus??? Never seen her before!
Maggie and Beth escape but do they have ass kicker??? That is left ambiguous....I don't think Judith survived but AMC  skirted the controversy by only showing just a bloody baby carrier....
Honestly I need to watch the episode again to see who's stuck with who...but at this point I think Carol's gonna make it to season 5!

See you Feb 5th!