Saturday, October 5, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Review

This movie takes place shortly after the events of S3E65 Deadlock, Shockwave and Starscream have been secretly cloning Predacons somewhere on Cyberton, the first 2 being Skylynx and Darksteel. Meanwhile Optimus Prime tells the team that although Cyberton is once again habitable, without the All Spark new Cybertronian life cannot be created, so he travels out in deep space with Wheel Jack to retrieve it.
Meanwhile the shell of Megatron laying at the bottom of the ocean is reactivated by Unicron, apparently when Megs fused Dark Energon with his spark, he no longer could become one with the all spark (Primus) and his spark belonged to Unicorn (the chaos bringer).....this is actually the closest the Transformers lore has ever come (in my knowledge) to religion...but that's a discussion for another time.

So Megs corpse gets an upgrade, but unlike the 80's movie he doesn't become Galvatron, he's more of a supersized Megatron with some earth like aesthetic elements to indicate Unicron is controlling the corpse, yet Megatrons conscience is reflected as his normal self when speaking to the spirit of Unicron....I imagine anyone watching the movie who's never seen the show would be completely confused, but thanks to a little exposition between Smokescreen, Arcee and Sir Bumblebee (Prime knights him in the beginning lol) we are informed it's actually Unicorn taken Cybertronian form.
The entire movie takes place on Cybertron, so no Jack, Miko and Raf.
Rachet does come from earth to patch up Ultra Magnus who once again get's his ass whooped by a Predacon.
So Unitron/Megacron travels to Cybertron to destroy Primus, Bumblebee confronts Predaking to join forces to stop Shockwave and Starscream from cloning more Predacons. Predaking refuses so Bumblebee goes on a tip from Knockout to check Darkmount, it's here Bee and the others come face to face with Unicron and barely escape. Shortly afterwards Unicron confronts Predaking, Megatron convinces Unicron to allow him to fight Predaking but Megs throws the fight in the hopes Predaking destroys Unicron thus freeing Megatrons Spark...Unicron realizes Megatron's scheme and for the remainder of the movie tortures Megatron's spark, then proceeds to kick Predakings ass. After that Unicron discovers the tool to which he will destroy Primus, Unicron unleashes the power of Dark Energon in the Predacon graveyard creating an army of undead terrorcons and marches towards the Well of Allsparks.
Bumblebee returns aboard the Nemesis and plans to make a final stand against Unicorn and his army of darkness (sorry couldn't resist), Starscream has other plans though and tries to take back the Nemesis to escape but Knockout....knocks him out, reinforcing his claim that he has switched sides. The Nemesis attacks Unicron's army but is overwhelmed and crashes at the entrance to the Well of Allsparks  shortly afterwards Predaking arrives with Skylynx and Darksteel to aid the Autobots. They slow the Undead Terrorcon army for a bit but are soon overpowered as well and dragged into the well!
In Cybertron's darkest hour Optimus Prime arrives with the All Spark and fights Unicron, Optimus calls for Megatrons help to no avail as Megs spark is still being tormented by Unicron! Bumblebee saves  Optimus and Prime tries to flee with the All Spark coffer but Uncron rips it from Prime's hands and opens the coffer!
Is Primus destroyed? Is Unicron victorious? What happens to Megatron?
The movie was enjoyable and definately brings closure to this series that in my opinion is the best iteration thus far even surpassing the G1 series.
The fate of Optimus and Megatron in TFP is fresh and original. I'm satisfied with the way it concluded, I can see many D-con fanboys being disapointed with Megs final words but I am glad that the story had closure instead of getting dragged on and watered down.

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