Friday, October 25, 2013

My Los Santos Picture Log Volume 4

 My continued travels around Los Santos As Michael I've spent 12 hrs 24 min traveled 187.92 Miles, 140.52 by car, I've killed 102 innocent people, 30 cops, stole 59 vehicles, I've spent $61,925
As Trevor I've spent 18 hrs 28 mins, traveled 392.55 miles, 195.23 by car. I've killed 242 innocent people, 26 cops, stole 100 vehicles and have spent a total of $145,894
As Franklin Clinton I've spent 18 hs 51 mins, traveled 320.43 miles, 237.89 by car. I've killed 71 innocent peeps and 18 cops, stole 80 vehicles and spent $246,860.

We got Bums!

We got pin ups

Some competition for the Ifruit?

 Crew layover at Los Santos?


Mount Chiliad, No Fires, No Vehicles, No UFO's!

In the Mountains of Madness....

UFO glyphs at the top of Mount Chiliad....

I don't see it!!!

Who's he??

An inconvenient truth indeed!

Is it getting hot out here?

Alcohol and Snakes never mix