Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E3 Isolation recap

Sorry, this week's recap is late. Halloween prep and been catching up on American Horror Story!
I swear if they make another remake of Miracle on 34th St. Hershel should play Kris Kringle!
So Tyresse has a.........moment, calm down bro you never even made it outta the friend zone!
So all these innocent people leave Woodbury after the Guvnor goes crazy in the hopes of surviving the zombies only to die from a cold BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!
Carl and Hershel go on a nature hike, while Carol cleans the hoses that pump the water into the zombie farm.
Daryl, Michonne, Tyresse and Bobby go on a road trip to a Austin Massachusetts to get a video tape, they take a shortcut and accidentally run into 10,000 zombies, Michonne tells Daryl to floor it, they can make it! They get stuck in a multi zombie pile up and abandon the car, Tyresse becomes Super Saiyan Handy Manny.....awesome stuff!

 Then Hershel creates an elixir with the dinkleberries he and Carl stole from the Fungai walker and bear trap walker!

 Rick spends the episode doing the CSI thing and somehow comes to the conclusion it was Storytime Carol, he confronts her and she doesn't deny it, she flat out says yup I cooked them up reeeeeal good. OK I didn't see that coming! So it wasn't Dr. S.....
Next Sunday Rick and Carol go on a meds run, Daryl, Michonne, Bobby and Super Saiyan Tyresse go to the Animal Shelter and Beth comes out of the closet.....with baby ass kicker to find all the healthy survivors have left!


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