Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E1: 30 Days Without An Accident recap

That's some mighty fine H2O....or is it???
Going into season 4 we still have no idea what caused the zombie apocalypse, but this episode certainly hints with a heavy hand that Poland Spring is the cause! Ok maybe not Poland Spring but if you ever saw Cabin Fever that scene towards the end with the reservoir comes to mind.....
The whole episode focuses on water, from Rick splashing his face to the zombies falling through the roof of the convenience store because of water damage, to poor little Patrick who dies in the showers....don't drop that soap! Insipepea of the blowhole during a zombie apocalypse is an awful way to go!
Rick takes a backseat as the prison enjoys a few months of normalcy, and Daryl MFin' Dixon fills his shoes and becomes a post apocalyptic celebrity, this is great as he is the most popular character on the show, but it makes me nervous that he might end up on the Talking Dead before this season ends!
I see what you're doin' Rick trying sow some seeds with Carl by puttin down the gun and pickin up the hoe.....good luck with that! Carl may look like a kid but growing up in this shitfest of a world robbed him of his childhood...he's a stone cold killa and as sad as it is, I foresee Carl going against "The Law" in the future.
I liked how this episode reiterated that the danger of the walkers is still real, by the end of S3 everyone seemed like a pro when it came to killing walkers, but this episode shows that even the seasoned vets can still be caught of guard when mayhem shows up at the quickie mart!
I really like Carol's transformation from battered wife to instructing kids on knife fighting, she has evolved from a meek character to a strong female roll model reminiscent of Ellen Ripley!
Tyresse, stop being such a bitch! You can probably punch the heads off walkers man up or git the F out! Your sister has bigger kajones  than you.
I wonder if Glenn keeps the rest of cell block D up when he's giving Maggie the D? Unlike Lori childbirth should be a little less deadly now that we have Dr. Stookey Army MD! But Dr. Stookey has issues (who doesn't?), his best friend is a Walker....Johnny Walker!
Sorry I couldn't resist.
And I'll finish up with Beth aka Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness, your boyfriend was a red shirt....I saw it a mile away! Your destiny lies on a different path, I think your destined to save Carl from himself....ohh and what was up with that hug??? I don't think Hershel would approve if you brought Daryl over before the Zombie Apocalypse and something tells me he still wouldn't...
Oh yeah RIP Harry Potter  Patrick, you should have cleaned your hands after shaking Daryl's hand! GERMS!!!!