Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Walking Dead S4E2: Infection recap

Serenity is lost! Zombie Patrick goes on an all you can eat human buffet in cell block D, by morning shit had gotten real, Daryl, Rick, Glen and Carol were sent in foe a clean up in D. Meanwhile the Zombie mosh pit outside the perimeter is growing bigger everyday thanks to someone feeding them rats....I'm callin it right now, it's Doctor S! He's working on a cure using rats he's finding in the prison, when the test subjects turn he disposes them by feeding them to the walkers to destroy the evidence.
There were some other intriguing events in this episode that will pan out later this season, baby ass kicker making Michonne weep, I think we can all conclude she lost a baby, and "story time" Carol is becoming more and more like Ellen Ripley, she makes a promise to the father of two young girls (Lizzie and Mika) after he dies from the D block attack. This will obviously fill the void from the loss of her daughter from season 2 and with Daryl and Carol getting more comfortable with each other we could be seeing the creation of the Zombie Apocalypse Brady Bunch!
And how upset did Rick look when he had to sacrifice Babe, Charlotte, and Peppa, he looked so defeated...the realization that this world would not let Rick live a life like Charles Ingalls really hit him hard.
With this realization Carl gets his gun back and Rick puts the holster back on....welcome back cowboy!  
Next week Daryl, Michonne, Tyresse and Bobby Stookey go on a road trip while Sasha get's sick....she's gonna die! Tyresse is gonna shed his softer side and become that zombie killin mutha fucka Rick and the team needs.
Rick: "What's a Nubian?"
Tyresse: "BLACK RAGE!!!!"