Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GTA Online My father is a legend!

So last night I got home ready to check out GTA Online! I put my son to bed and fire up the ol PS3, and download the patch. Once done I began building my avatar for GTA Online. The creation mechanic is unique, instead of just choosing a face/hairstyle/body from a catalog of choices and then making adjustments like most, in GTA Online you begin by building your heritage, lifestyle, and appearance.
Heritage: You start by choosing your mothers parents from 13 different selections each (grandma & grandpa), that determines what your mother will look like then you choose who you mother resembles more you grandma or grandpa. Then you do the same for your fathers if you're paying attention you'll get a prompt to hit triangle for "special father and BAM your father is none other than the Legend John Marston!

Lifestyle: You are allotted 20 hours to spend in the following catagories:

  • Asleep (4 hours automatically given)
  • With Friends and Family
  • Playing sports and working out
  • Doing legal work
  • Sitting on the couch
  • partying
  • Doing illegal work

Depending on how you divvy up those 20 hours will determine your characters stats for:

  • Shooting 
  • Driving
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flying
  • Lung Capacity
This also affects your characters appearance....if you max out your "doing illegal work" your character will look the part, scars, dark bags under your eyes etc.

Appearance: This one's self explanatory, after you're done with Heritage and Lifestyle you can tweek your character's appearance. There's a limited selection of wardrobe choices you can make and then voila your Avatar is complete!
I had created an avatar I was happy with and saved it, but then I got kicked out of GTA Online and back to the single  player game! Then I was prompted to do a System update!
After the system update was complete I logged back into GTA Online and my avatar was gone!
I also created a crew for GTA Online so CJ, Brad, Mike if you're interested I'll invite you!