Monday, February 25, 2013

The Walking Dead S3E11: I Ain't a Judas recap

Death count in this episode zero!!! But remember it's always quietest before the storm!
Andrea is now caught between a cock and a hard place, she wants to hold onto the last threads of civilization that Woodbury offers even if she knows it's all a facade and the Guv'nor is full of shit!
Things worth taking note Rick gives Andrea a car...the Guvnor doesn't....Andrea sleeps with the guy who treats her like shit....
Kudo's to Hershel for chastising Crazy Rick, and hearing Carol tell Andrea she can save alot of blood shed if she uses vagina warfare ( props to Krogenar for the term) tactics was both hilarious and very fitting for the character considering her past.
I was on the fence about Milton but his loyalty to the guvnor regardless if it's because of fear or other reasons has landed him in the penalty box with me! There's something about him that doesn't sit right with me....
And finally Tyresse, Tyresse....DOOD! ...OMFG if you only knew you're siding with the devil! This was the most interesting and frustrating part of the episode for my wife and I! I wanted to reach through the TV and cover Tyresse's mouth!
And in the end my wife and I were saying, "if she try's shanking the gov he's gonna grab her wrist" but alas the cock beak the rock and operation vagina warfare failed!


  1. I have a feeling that there's a lot more to Milton that will be revealed later in the series. As for Andrea, my guess is that during the showdown she discovers just how rotten the Governor is, and frags him right there. True, the Governor has more people, but are they zombie-hardened survivors like the State of Ricktatorship's citizens? Nope! As for the Tyreese scene, if you rewatch it you'll see that the black woman has doubts when the Governor says, "It's hard to know who to trust." The black woman with Tyreese knows the Governor is ... 'not right'

    1. Moral of the story....never trust a man with an eye patch! Chances are they didn't loose an eye helping an elderly person cross the street.
      Well you read the graphic novels...wanna share what you know about Milton? Is he working on the T virus or something?