Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sony: the Evolution of the PlayStation and the Future!

I remember getting my PS1 at Kaybee toys in the summer of 1995, I got tired of waiting for the "Ultra Nintendo". I remember walking to Penn Station and seeing a store with a PS1 running Battle Arena Toshinden and being very impressed with the 3D characters. This console really did have the most amazing library od new original games and took the video game industry to a new level of public awareness...no longer were video games for kids and anti social basement dwellers! Gonna throw out a few titles that made the PS3 the dominant console for over a decade....Metal Gear Solid, FFVII, Resident Evil, Twisted Metal 2, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy Tactics.

My PS2 was a day 1 purchase I remember going to pick up my PS2 at the Software Etc. in the Roosevelt Field Mall at the crack of dawn and driving home giddy as a school girl! Backwards compatability, CD/DVD drive, online connectivity! The games that were most memorable to me were Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, Socom2, FFX, FFXI, God of War 1 & 2, SSX! Thru this console I met a lot of great gamers, to name a few XxOuTLaWxX, XxJavenxX, XxKopernikuzxX, XxBlizzardxX, XxSinexX, XxEvoxX, XxKillerxX, XxSpliffxX  XxBeNTiDuSxX, XxRipperxX, XxWolfcryxX, Darcy, NuclearMayhem, Siviard, and last but not least Krogenar!
Favorite memories from that generation seeing all the Kontract clan green up in the Socom lobbies during a war, all the adventures I had in Vana Diel, Facing The Boss in that field of flowers, Defeating Aries in GoW, Impailing Kineticlops with a steel girder in War of the Monsters, Racing thru Mercury City in SSX3 on line!

 When the PS3 leaks started hitting the web I was definately on board, and I remember listening to some employee at the Gamestop on Hempstead Turnpike in East Meadow hyping up the XBox 360 and telling the guy how Microsoft's next console was going to obliterate the PS3....to this day I swear M$ paid out GS to promote the shit outta the 360.
I didn't buy the PS3 at launch, a year later during the 2006 holiday season I got a 60 gig backwards compatible (via emulator) PS3 (thanks hun!). The first few years were tough for the Playstation brand, M$ clearly had a significant lead on Sony but as the PS Network firmware updates kept coming the PS3  experience continued to grow and improve and now in 2013 the PSN is huge! With a vast library of games, add on content, music and movies as well as the PS+ incentive program that actually has worthwhile benefits to gamers there something for everyone from the most casual gamer to the hardcore gamer.
Never before in all the years I've played video games have I been more back logged on games!

 And now with tommorow's event at the Hammerstien Ballroom Sony is gonna announve the future of the Playstation brand! And with that the first shot of the next console war will be fired and all the hateraide will flow once again!
Check your tents and sleeping bags folks it's almost time for store front camping 2013!