Monday, February 18, 2013

The Walking Dead S3E10: Home recap

Walkers to the left of me... Guv'nor to the right,  here I am stuck in the middle with you.
So the guv'nor goes for "a run" and some of the gate guards are missing and Andrea doesn't put 2 and 2 together. C'mon girl!
Meanwhile back at prison Rick goes on a field trip and plays hide and seek with Lori's apparition. This episode Rick really looked like shit....reminded me alot of what Shane looked like at the end of season 2....right before he turned. I really thought Hershel was gonna get through to Rick when he was talking to him down by the fence.
Listen to me Rick, your wife was no saint, she screwed your best friend and was certainly not mother of the year to Carl, and even after she's dead she won't give you a moments peace! Forget her.
Now I asked my wife to explain this next part to me, why did Maggie smack Glenn when he went to try and and patch things up with her, she needs to recognize Glenn's a straight up gangsta samurai! Anyone feel the heavy handed foreshadowing of Maggie feeding Little Ass-kicker?

And what's up with Michonne? Is she living in the bus?
And now for the highlight of the episode The Gov'nor and his posse strike back and pretty much are successful at breaching the perimeter by hiring Sweet Tooth to bust through the fence and "poop" zombies into the middle of the battle.
Tactically genius move make the defenders give up their locations to avoid getting overrun then pick em off from a distance! But what the gov'nor didn't plan for was the arrival of the dynamic duo og Merle and Daryl muthafuckin Dixon!

And for the funniest thing to happen during the episode last night my wife tells me she doesn't like Axel and I tell her don't worry he's just cannon fodder ( in my head I was thinking red shirt)and probably wont last till the end of the season then Axel gives Carol a facial....just not the way he planned! LMFAO at the timing!!!

And here's a sneak peak at next weeks episode, I Ain't a Judas.