Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sony's PS4 Announcement

Interesting show last night....
What I found more interesting than what was shown and said was what wasn't. I understand they need to keep the certain things under wraps like the price point, which will probably be one of the largest factors in this upcoming console war.
I loved the intro, sony came out guns blazing and when I saw Nariko I thought maybe just maybe she'd be getting a new game for the PS4 launch....there are many who would love to see her get a sequel! There were some obvious digs thrown at Microsoft best one being "We didn't build a box".  LMAO!

Surprisingly Sony actually dropped the specs of the PS4, I thought for sure they would keep that under wraps till E3 but I guess not.
PS4 specs:
AMD 8-core 64-bit x86 "Jaguar" CPU  with a 
Radeon GPU comprised of 18 "compute units" capable of cranking out 1.84 TFLOPS  
Blu-ray drive 
8GB of unified GDDR5 RAM capable of 176GB/sec of bandwidth. 
802.11n WiFi, 
USB 3.0, 
Bluetooth 2.1, 
HDMI, Optical Out and Analog AV Out

We saw a demo of Unreal Engine 4 supposedly running on a PS4....but since we never peeped the console we gotta take their word for it.

After all the tech talk we finally were shown the DS4, which looked ALOT nicer than the leaked pic from last week....the touch pad looks good not like an after thought and the controller retain the iconic DS style, the L2 and R2 buttons look kinda small and I can totally see them breaking if the contoller slips and falls on the floor. The share button and it's application was a big aspect of the conference that feeds into the social mantra Sony was promoting. I do like how they have integrated the PS move tech into the DS4, it looks clean and well designed.

After the DS4 reveal we got a brief demo of the Unreal Engine 4 running on a PS4 demo kit...

This short little demo in my opinion was to show PC gamers, hey look what the PS4 can do
Afterwards we were shown a demo of Knack....the kids will love it, it had a Disney Pixar look to it.

Next up we got to hear how Sony's 380M dollar "investment" in Gaikai cloud gaming will work with the PSN, how Sony is striving to get their entire library of games from PS1 to PS4 games up in the cloud, how the PS4 will act as a type of server to allow gamers to play anywhere/anytime on a multitude of devices like the PS Vita....any PS4 title purchased able to be played on the PS Vita via cross play....enticing...might boost Vita sales also! What they didn't mention here is will the service be free or subscription based. I have to believe something of this magnitude will NOT be free...but will it become part of the PS+ service?
During this part of the conference the bomb was dropped that and I quote "PS3 games are not native on the PS4" in layman's terms no backwards compatibility, but isn't that part of the reason Sony bought Gaikai in the first place? In a way with Gaikai the PS4 will be backswards compatible with PS1, PS2 and just can't play the games you already own for those consoles >O.o<

After the Gaikai announcement we get a beetles-esqe video montage of different developers telling us how Sony went to them and basically pulled a Jerry Macguire "Help Us, Help You!"

Sony spent a great deal of time discussing the "5 pillars" of PS4
Simple: simplicity for developers= come build your games on us and port to other instead of what happened to PS3
Personalized: the system will begin to recognize your gaming preferences based on what you buy from the network and play....scary! Cyberdyne systems model 101!
Immediate: no more "quit game X" and "the system was not turned off properly the last time, pls standby while we fix yo shit". no waiting for firmware updates to complete, play your game while it's DLing....impressive if true.
Integrated: the PS ecosystem PS4-Vita-mobile Gaming everywhere anytime!! Do all the gaming!!!
Social: Sony is gonna try and merge the Play Station Lifestyle with social media ie FB/ YT etc. I hope they have a G+ option.! Do I get to upload directly to my YouTube account?
They showed how people can "chat" with each other and ask for help I wonder how that would work in a shooter like Socom (RIP) where there's one person left on each side and one's camping and the other is trying to find the camper before time expires....

I got to see Ono come on stage and show us Capcom's launch game Down Deep using the Panta Rhei engine...I was impressed with what Ono showed us....wished they dropped a hint about SFV!

Killzone: Shadow Fall, the game looks good So now the Helghast are using terrorist tactics to fight back against humanity...ok.

Watch Dogs: Sandbox meets GitS meets MMO...looks interesting

Drive Club....first rule of Drive Club, you don't talk about drive club! Nice going Sony!

inFamous: Second Son


Bungie announces Destiny for the PS4!

After all the trailers I was ready to finally see the console!
But alas Sony didn't reveal it!
What the deuce! So now the long wait till E3 in June to see the PS4 console, and find out if the rumored price points are true. And how much of the PSN will remain free....

For those who missed the conference here it is in it's entirety