Monday, February 18, 2013

Destiny: Pathways out of Darkness trailer

I find the title of the below video documentary fascinating...Pathways out of Darkness. From what I've learned Destiny is a FPS/Sci Fi adventure game in a "living world"....think MMO, the game is always on whether you're playing or not, there's a real working economy, weather effects, very dynamic "world" in this case solar system.
This is the first title from Bungie that will be available on more than just the Xbox, and according to the video Bungie plans this game to have a life expectancy of 10+ years...which begs the question will this game also be available on PS4 and Xbox720? The whole time while watching the video I kept thinking to myself, "Bioware really needs to do something like this for the Mass Effect franchise!"
I'm excited to see Bungie making pathways to other consoles besides Microsoft!