Sunday, July 25, 2010

SDCC10: Cosplay...Do or Do Not! There is no try!

With SDCC10 wrapping up today all the wonder and magic will be boxed up and stored away till next year. All the excitement of new video game and movie announcements is drawing to a close, and all the festivities are winding down, and the cosplayers are sheathing their swords, guns and staves, the paws and claws are coming off as well as the cosmetics, prosthetics and what ever else they've incorporated into their costumes.
I can appreciate the cosplayers that do it well but I feel obligated to share my feelings on those poor misguided souls that try and fail miserably, not the ones who intentionally fail, but those who honestly think they're doing it right.

Below is a collection of cosplayers....some doing it right, some not.

Here's some common sense rules to steer potential future cosplayers in the right direction.

1. Is your character physically fit? Are you physically fit?
2. Are you even slightly attractive? If your not perhaps a character with a mask is a good choice.

3. Do you have a thorough knowledge of your character you plan to Cosplay? Outfit, hairstyle, hair color, personality etc.

4. Is your character female? Are you?

5. Is your character old/young? Are you?

6. Can you operate a sewing machine?

7. Do you have any fashion sense at all?

8. Do you know someone skilled at applying cosmetics?

9. Do you know a skilled hair stylist?

10. Do you realize there is a difference between Halloween costumes and cosplay?

11. Be prepared to be ridiculed on the interwebs for all eternity if you suck

Many have tried few have succeeded at cosplay but there is one who has taken the hobby to another level, and I included some of her work in the pics in this post, I've also included a link to Yaya Han's website for all .