Thursday, July 22, 2010

MvC3: FTW Comic Con10 Gameplay footage

Comic Con 2010 officially kicked off today but yesterday Capcom began opening the flood gates and those of not able to make it to EVO 2010 can now see some gameplay footage of MVC3:FTW

With todays character reveal MVC3: FTW roster is up to 16

Capcom Characters

Ryu - Street Fighter

Chun Li - Street Fighter

Dante - Devil May Cry

Trish - Devil May Cry

Morrigan - Dark Stalkers

Felicia - Dark Stalkers

Amateratsu - Okami

Chris Redfield - Resident Evil

Marvel Characters



Iron Man

Dead Pool

Captain America

Doctor Doom

Super Skrull


What if the rumors about Capcom collaberating with Namco to make a Capcom Vs Namco are true? Hopefully we hear something at Capcom's Comic Con conference!