Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living like the Elves of Lothlórien

Every kid at some time wants a treehouse, I had an awesome one, two stories made of drift wood and other stray materials I found on the rocky beach facing the Long Island sound. It was awesome till Zeus decided my tree house was too dam cool and blasted the tree with a lightning bolt. Later as a teenager, a couple friends and I built another treehouse in an empty lot, this one was even more impressive as it was completely off the retrospect the tree probably wasn't mature enough as the entire treehouse swayed with a good gust of wind, but it was our command HQ, our hidden fortress.
Back when we were children we had limitless imaginations and had to at times make our own fun, nowadays everything seems prefab and sucks in my opinion! I see kids today with so much and yet they still ask for more....where's they're imagination?
About a year ago I saw an article in the paper about custom tree houses, and not these peices of shit you buy in Toy's R' Us, but real Tree Houses made of wood and strong materials that won't bend or break under todays portly kiddies. After a quick Googlesearch I found the site of the company the article was about. I was blown away at some of the jobs they had done when I took a look at their portfolio.
This company takes pride in their craft and it shows! Here is just a few pics from their portfolio!
The TreeHouse Workshop has been building quality custom Treehouses since 1997. They even offer tip's for DIY projects as well as workshop retreats to help you with your own project.
. . where craftsmanship and artistry meet in the trees!