Friday, July 16, 2010

Final Fantasy XIV The Grinding Question???

Since Square Enix's 2009's E3 announcement about FFXIV I've had two little Taru Taru's on my shoulders pulling me in different directions, one says c'mon dust off that AF gear throw on my Carbuncle ring and step out of my Mog house and rejoin the adventurers patiently waiting to explore Eorzea!
The other saying you're adventuring days behind you, you spent almost 4 RL years in Vana Deal, met some great adventurers, had some fantastic adventures and truly enjoyed my travels under, over and across Vana Diel.
Many things in my life have changed since I traversed Vana Diel, most important of them is my son.
I know this nagging question must be in many gamers still playing FFXI minds, "Do I want to start all over from square one?" For many people, like myself, who invested so much time grinding out hours upon hours to level up your character in multiple job classes and crafting, NM and HNM hunts and suffering thru the agony which was CoP Eorzea might not seem very inviting.
Compound that with my initial impressions that Eorzea is Vana Diel 2.0! The mobs shown so far are the same as in Vana Diel. There's three main cities: Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, Ul'Dah, Limsa Lominsa has some subtle similarities to Bastok, Gridania to Windurst and Ul'Dah to San d'Oria.
The similarities don't end there, the five main character races are back but with different names!
Galka are now Roegadyn
Humes are now Hyur
Elvaan are now Elezen
Mithra are now Miqo'te
TaruTaru are now Lalafell
WTF! Not even one new race SE???
Despite all the logic saying don't venture in a new Final Fantasy MMO, I have to admit there's still something luring me and I can't figure what it is. Maybe it's the call of the enjoyment of discovery in the gorgeous and enormous worlds of Square's MMO's.
If I do decide to play FFXIV I will start a new blog to chronical my travels in Eorzea much like I did with Tryptifaeris in Vana Diel