Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Street Fighter IV: Here Comes a New Challenger

On May 30th Capcom will be revealing another new character and the final boss! The pic to the left is most likely the new final boss, Seth, doesn't his name just instil fear? From what has been translated Seth is the CEO of a weapons R&D company with the acronym S.I.N. He has altered his body into a living weapon and his nickname is the "Master of Puppets". Notice his abdomen has been replaced with some sort of eye shaped mechanism...probably some type of weapon that can focus chi and profect it through that thing. Up till now there has been no characters referencing Street Fighter III, but this guy does seem similar to Urien. So is Seth the link between Street Fighter II's Shadaloo and Street Fighter III's Illuminati?

More Street Fighter IV info will be revealed at this years

Gamer's Day now called Captivate '08!