Thursday, May 8, 2008

GTA IV: Liberty City makes half a Billion dollars in first week

Niko Bellic, you just made $500,000,000 in 7 days, time to buy that luxury penthouse in Algonquin!
Holy crap Rockstar hit the motherload!!!
"Rockstar announced today that in its first week of release, Grand Theft Auto IV sold 6 million copies worldwide, making for an estimated retail value of $500 million. Over half of that was made in its first day alone, with 3.6 million units sold and $310 million in retail value."

All I can say is , even after I showed my wife the services offered by women of questionable values in East Hook and the quality establishment that is the Triangle Club she still wanted to play it herself. I have actually turned down multiplayer invites because I'm so into the story...I gotta finish a mission to see what happens to Niko next.
A review will be coming soon..just too busy playing right now, sorry.

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