Friday, May 16, 2008

Episode 4: Miss Macross

Episode 4: Miss Macross begins with Alto getting shot down in the SMS training simulator and being rewarded by Mikhail with twenty five laps in his EX gear. Ranka gets a message while working that she made the Miss Macross finals and celebrates with her friend Nanasse. She sends Alto the good news via a text message, just as he passes out in a locker room. This episode has so many refrences to the series roots, for instance Alto's training for SMS/ Hikaru's training for UNS service in SDFM episode 5 Transformation, Ranka competing in the Miss Macross contest and singing My Boyfriend is a Pilot, the same song Lynn Minmay sang after being crowned the first Miss Macross in SDFM episode 9. And just like how Hikaru was called to duty during one of Minmay's performances, Alto is called by Ozma during Ranka's performance for his final training exam. I really was impressed how the episode intertwined Ranka's performance at the Miss Macross contest with Alto's mock battle against the Meltrandi ace Klan Klan and the pixie squadron, the editing was spot on during this part of the episode, we also get to see a Zentradi corpse and a Zentran capital ship during the exam which is interupted by a Vajra. Klan Klan faces off against it after Alto rushes at it with only his valks dagger. The episode wraps up back at Nyan Nyan as Alto celebrates joining SMS with Michail, Luca, Klan Klan and Ranka, who unlike Lynn Minmay did not win the Miss Macross contest. With all the refernces and fanservice Macross Frontier still feels fresh and original, and Ranka's Valkerie bookbag is awesome ^^.

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