Thursday, May 29, 2008

Macross Frontier Episode 7: First Attack

As Sheryls farewell concert continues the Macross Quarter defolds near the battle zone. The Kaitos and Dulfim are taking heavy damage, Ozuma, the Skull Squadron and all of the SMS team launch to give the two ships some cover as they attempt to escape the Vajra assault.

For those of you needing your mecha fix this episode is for you! We get to see Ozma use the reticle tracking that was first seen in Macross Zero with Roy Focker, Mikhail shows off his Valkerie sniping from an asteroid, Klan Klan in her Queadluun-Rea, Kanaria lands on the deck of the Dulfim and unleashes a barrage of fire from the K├Ânig Monster, we even get to see Luca's RVF-25 controlling three ghost's, Simon, Johanne and Peter.
Back aboard the Frontier Ranka arrives at Sheryl's concert just as she begins her second song; Don't be Late, only to discover Alto isn't there. Ranka get's a message from Ozma that he won't be home that night because he has to work and not to worry, she suddenly realizes he's flying and that Alto is too. Between acts Sheryl runs back stage to check on the battle via Graces hologram transmitter in her necklace.
Meanwhile the battle seems to turning as the SMS fight off the Vajra, the Kaitos is slowly escaping but out of nowhere a Vajra mothership defolds right behind one of Lucas ghost ships and opens fire on the Kaitos and destroys it with one shot. Luca flys in closer to the Vajra mother ship to try and get some intel and just as his RVF-25 discovers the ship has a fold reactor he is captured by a Vajra and brought into the mothership.
Back aboard the Frontier Sheryl finishes up her third song and tells the audience how much she will treasure her time on the frontier and the friends she's made, she dedicates the next song; Infinity to those who are out risking their lives to save the Macross Galaxy, she asks the crowd to sing along and Ranka realizes that Sheryl knew about Ozma and Alto being in SMS and fbeing Valkerie pilots, she also believes that Sheryl is talking directly to her.
Back at the battle Alto blasts his way towards the Vajra mother ship to save Luca, Mikhail spots a mysterious purple valkerie enter the battle and head towards the mothership also. Captain Wilder decides it's time for the SMS Macross Quarter to join the battle, against Catherine Glass' recomendation, Bobby Margot helms the Quarter Pounder full speed towrds the Vajra mothership, and like the original Macross it transforms into a giant battroid., but unlike the original Macross it also has a Gerwalk form! The Vajra mother ship opens fire on the Quarter Pounder as it takes cover behind a large asteroid. Inside the Vajra mothership Alto finds Luca and his RVF-25 tangled in tenticles but before he can rescue him he is attacked by two hammerhead vajra, somehow he hears Sheryl and Ranka singing and defeats them, but his valkerie is destroyed in the battle with the second and jettisons the cockpit in his EX gear. He links up remotely to Luca's RVF-25 and begins to break free when the mysterious purple valkerie Mikhail spotted makes it's presence known by shooting the RVF-25's gunpod out of it's hand. Outside the Quarter Pounder reaches the mouth of the Vajra mothership and the mystery Valk transforms and flys away Alto saves Luca and the Quarter Pounder unleashes the Macross Cannon at max power and destroys the Vajra mothership.
Episode 7 concludes with Brera Sterne piloting the purple valkerie through space fold and playing Aimo on a harmonica...
Amazing episode, the show just keeps getting better and better!