Saturday, May 10, 2008

Macross Frontier Episode 2: Hard Chase

So Macross Frontier offically began airing on MBS on April 3, 2008 and so far this series totally has rediscovered the magic of the original Macross series 25 years ago!

Episode 2: Hard Chase begins with Alto in a very familiar situation. After witnessing Gilliams death he enters the cockpit of the VF25 and unloads the entire gunpod ammo in the Vajra to no effect. Ozma Lee arrives in his Valkerie and faces off against the Vajra commading Alto to save Ranka. In a very familiar situation Alto scoops up Ranka with the valkerie's hand and fly's through the city. While being persued, one of Alto's classmates, Mikhail Buran, arrives at the scene in his blue valkerie which is specialized for sniping and takes aim at the Vajra chasing Alto. Similar to the scene in SDFM the arm of the valkerie Alto is piloting is severed by a shot from one of his persuers and Ranka Lee begins to fall...up, towards the breached dome of the city. She actually is sucked into space for a few seconds before Alto rescues her. Alto and Ranka Lee have their second encounter once back on the ground. After witnessing the destruction around him he beomes naucious.

The next day second lieutenant of NUNS (New United Nations Spacy) Cathy Glass arrives at Mihoshi Academy and takes Alto Saotome in for investigation and testing.

Meanwhile Sheryl Nome tears through her room looking for the video of her performance the night before, later Grace O'Connor, Sheryl's manager finds a note on the mirror saying she's gone out but will be back in time for work.

After Alto's Investigation Ozma brings him to SMS HQ, inside he is shown Gilliams personal effects, it's here Alto discovers that two of his classmates, Mikhail Buran and Luca Angellonio are members of SMS (private military contractors). Another code Victor breaks the tension in the hangar and the SMS members scramble to their stations. Alto contemplates everything that's happened in the last twenty four hours and requests to pilot a valkerie instead he gets a knuckle sandwich from Ozma and is thrown out of SMS HQ.

Meanwhile Sheryl, while in disguise, begins searching for SMS HQ while Ranka Lee heads to SMS HQ to bring Ozma food and the two head off together. Ranka having no idea she's walking with Sheryl Nome tells her how much she idolizes her. As the two travel they spot the SMS Skull Squadron launch Ranka tells Sheryl about her brother and begins singing on of Sheryl's songs, Diamond Crevasse when Sheryl begins singing Ranks realizes who she is and Alto shows up just then. The episode ends with the three together as a Vajra appears outside the dome!