Saturday, May 24, 2008

Macross Frontier Episode 6: Bye Bye Sheryl

After hearing Ranka's cover of Sheryl Nome's What 'bout my star? at Folmo Mall, Elmo Kridanik a Zentradi promoter for Vector Entertainment offers his services to Ranka but first needs to convince Ozma.

The next scene we see Alto gazing at Sheryl's missing earing when Mikhail asks him if it's a gift for his girlfriend. Alto doesn't realize Mikhail and Ranka saw him with Sheryl at the mall. Nanase breaks up the face off when she announces that Ranka was scouted. Later the group meets up at a coffee shop and Nanase forms the Ranka Lee Fan Club and declares herself fan #1, Luca jumps in and declares himelf fan #2, then Mikhail and finally Alto, during the excitement Ranka apologises to Alto, saying she wanted to to him first, He mentions he was at the mall, and Ranka asks with who and he says no one...O.0. Alto then hands Ranka the ticket to Sheryls final concert before she returns to the Macross Galaxy.

The excitement of the formation of Ranka's good news is interupted by an offical public announcement from NUNS president Howard Glass, he makes public the existance of the Vajra and announces the attck on the Macross Galaxy fleet, Ozma calls Mikhail and orders the three back to SMS HQ. Back at HQ Mikhail explains to Alto that due to President Glass' announcement the watime act is now activated so they cannot resign from service. A press conference for Sheryl comes on the monitor and Alto watches as the press ask if Sheryl will cancel the concert due to the Vajra attack on the Galaxy. She assures everyone that the concert will not be cancelled and that the Galaxy will defeat the Vajra onslaught. At that Alto rushes out of the dorm and heads out to keep his promise and return Sheryls earing. The two meet up and Alto goes to return the earing, Sheryl tells him that the earing was from her mother and tells Alto to hold onto it as it has brought her good fortune. This scene totally felt like the scene in DYRL when Hikaru hands Minmay the translated lyrics right before he goes out to the fight against Golg Boddole Zer's armada. The Alto <---> Sheryl relationship is really overshadowing the Alto <---> Ranka aspect of the triangle at this point. The end of this episode is spectacular Sheryl's final concert of the galaxy tour begins with the ending song Diamond Crevasse as The SMS Quarter disengages from Frontier Island 1 and begins the space fold to the Macross Galaxy meanwhile Ranka is running to the concert and sees SMS Quarter entering space fold all this as Diamond Crevasse is heard in the background and continues into the credits as normal.