Monday, March 20, 2006

Unearthing More Treasures

The next expansion to FFXI is a little over a month from release and the info is really starting to flow in now!

Here's what SE has shared with us so far...

A new mob for Aht Urghan: Mamool Ja

The Mamool Ja are a group of beastmen that hold dominion over the Mamool Ja Savagelands, a land hostile to the Near Eastern Aht Urhgan Empire.Referring to themselves as the Mamool Ja, meaning "brethren of the shining scale," the inhabitants of the Savagelands are organized into four biologically different classes that consist of warriors, aquatics, sages, and knights. The Mamool Ja have been paying tribute to the Aht Urhgan Empire since ages past, and are known for their republican form of government. Their nation is ruled by a council of four overlords, one selected from each class. The Savagelands' recent uprising against the empire seems connected to the emergence of a prominent leader known as the "The Autarch."

Meet a core NPC named Naja Salaheem

President of the mercenary company "Salaheem's Sentinels," Naja Salaheem has a quick eye for profit and gives constant attention to her company's earnings. "Gil makes the world go 'round" is her motto.

Here we see another new mob a Qiqirn

These diminutive beastmen reside together with the civilized races of Vana'diel. Most Qiqirn make their home in a city located in the heart of the Aht Urhgan Empire's western half. They tend to have an easygoing and cheerful personality, but have difficulty speaking the common language due to their unusual vocal cords. Even so, it is not uncommon to hire a Qiqirn as a shop or guild assistant, thanks to their reliability and surprisingly quick wits. Some Qiqirn have even made use of their sharp sense of smell to become extremely wealthy in the production of fragrances. According to their oral tradition, the ancestors of the Qiqirn lived a nomadic life in the northern lands. Even today, remnants of the Qiqirn's ancient lifestyle may be seen in their unique customs, such as their sheep-led wagon homes, their leather clothing, and their habit of carrying their valuables with them at all times.


A bewitching race of beastmen with an upper body like that of a Hume woman and a lower body resembling that of a venomous serpent.The Lamiae are few in number compared to the other beastmen inhabitants of the Near East. However, they have ensorceled the bones of fallen soldiers, creating an undead army of considerable size to defend their reef settlements.Lamiae are known to sneak into towns in the depths of night, wielding powerful bows and hunting humans to replenish their armies; hence the Near Easterners' dread of sunset.According to rumor, Lamiae are not technically a race of beastmen, but actually a form of organic weapon (also known as a chimera), created by alchemists fusing the parts of multiple organisms.

A diminutive species of demon, frequently sighted in the Near East in recent times.Though skilled in the use of elemental and dark magic, these natural-born cowards are not considered a threat when encountered alone. They do, however, carry a horn, from which they produce a deafening noise of a scale completely out of proportion to their tiny bodies, warning their allies and startling enemy forces.In the time of the Great War, imps were given the roles of scouts and messengers in the Shadow Lord's armies, and are thus well known to veteran soldiers even on the continent of Quon.

These corpse-eating ghouls wrap themselves in bandages to slow the decomposition of their rotting bodies. Unlike the shambling undead that are afflicted with a curse after dying, the qutrub are beings that have succumbed to the charms of the Lamiae while still alive. Through dark rituals, they willfully attain an undead existence in order to serve their foul mistresses for eternity. Seemingly still afflicted by the desires of the living, the qutrub hoard valuable trinkets, and feast on the dead to maintain the traces of flesh and blood remaining to them. It is said that the blade carried by each qutrub is infused with their discarded life essence.

Finally the Empress of Aht Urhgan. Shrounded in secrecy...Nashmeira II

Empress of Aht Urhgan, 16th ruler of the Majaab Dynasty.Nashmeira proclaims herself to be the Empire--the very embodiment of the nation. She is rarely seen in public; however, her militaristic statements are the cause of much concern for Aht Urhgan's neighboring countries.Ignoring the views of her advisors, Nashmeira has recently ordered a large-scale recruitment of mercenaries to deal with the barbaric races inhabiting the lands that surround the Imperial capital.