Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Tryp 2 Titan & Ifrit 0

The last few days Tryp has blown over 50K gil trying to defeat prime avatars and I finally defeated Titan and Ifrit. Even with all my Ethers, Yagudo drinks, and Hi Potions it was close! When battling Titan, Carby sucessfully nuked him with Searing Light 3 times and Titan still was alive....barely. Titan had a sliver of HP left and I had 0 MP so Carby was out of the question, in desperation I took out my wand and started whacking away at him. I might as well have been using a blade of grass! Titan was pissed and started unloading on me, my HP was dropping fast but I got lucky with a critical hit and with 100 HP, Titan fell ^^

My battle against Ifrit was even tougher, thankfully Vrtra aka Littlekiller was nice enough to buy some hi-potions (2k gil ea) and ethers (6-8k gil ea) and mail them to me, otherwise I would not have survived! When the dust settled I had 46 HP left and Ifrit was now mine to summon ^^