Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Game Review: MGS3 Subsistence

What, you didn't buy the PS2 game of the year, MGS3!? Well now you have no excuse, Kojima Productions is taking MGS3 a must have game and making a must have game....again. Even if you own it and finished it! Why you ask, well for starters there are those who aren't too crazy for the MGS overhead camera angle. Subsistence will include an optional 3rd person camera perspective.If the thought of buying the same game again makes you feel like you getting taken for a ride (through the woods in a sidecar) how about you also get the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear2: Solid Snake (the MSX2 version not the NES version) with a fine tuned English translation. MG2:SS will be the first time this game has been released in the US!OK that stuffs all cool and all but here's the BIG reason you'll want to buy MGS3:'s online now! Not just to DL phunky camo but to actually play online, either coop or competitively. MGS3:S allows 8 friends to play 4V4 or if you think you got the skills Snake Vs 7!

All the classic Metal Gear items can be used like the always popular cardboard box, the tranq gun, and Subsistance uses the USB headset for communication among team members, just be careful not to have your radio equipment shot cause then you'll find yourself in a world of hurt all alone. Other neat extras include a demo theater to enjoy all the games excellent cinema's, and a few new Snake vs monkey levels.

Don't you hate it when you buy a DVD and a few months later it's rereleased as a "platinum" or "definitive" or "ultimate" edition! I know I do, the same goes for games, most rereleases of games have an extra level or some new oufits.....nothing major. Metal Gear Solid is not one of those games, if you've read my review of MGS3 you know it was something amazing, a game that had to be experienced. I gave it a perfect score of 10 so how can a perfect 10 get better? Hideo Kojima found a way! You're getting 4 games for the price of 1! Metal Gear, Metal Gear2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Snake Vs Monkey. The real reason everyone will be picking up MGS3: S is for the online game! There are plenty of servers, 20 in total, and each named after MGS lore:Snake, Liquid, Meryl, Ocelot, BigBoss, Eva, Mei Ling, Raiden, Otacon, Ninja, Campbell, Solidus, Outerheaven, Wolf, Mantis, Raven, Johnny, Olga, Naomi, and Rosemary.