Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Titan 1 Tryp 0

March 1st 2006 Krog met me in Port Bastok as I prepped for my journey to the Quicksand Caves, to the Cloister of Tremors to find the Proto-Crystal of Earth....a very dangerous place for a level 20 Summoner! Fortunately the NPC warped me to the Proto-Crystal.

After trading the mini tuning fork to the Proto-crystal I entered an alternate dimension where Titan prime awaited.

I choose to go into the fight as a SMN/WHM, things were going ok at first, Carbuncle had gotten Titans attention but his attacks were'nt doing tremendous damage. I cast Barstonra to give myself a little extra shielding against Titan Primes elemenal attacks. I then activated my 2 hour ability Astral Flow so that Carbunkle could execute his Searing Light Elemental attack, but after that my MP pool was tapped and Carby left me to fend for myself! With Carby gone Titan Prime turned on me, I drew my Decurrion dagger but my attacks were futile, and I couldn't recast Carby fast enough. So death came swiftly and next thing I knew Krog was /t "how ya doing?" while I laid on the cold ground. I needed to rethink this >.>