Thursday, March 16, 2006

Treasures from the Blue

For the last few months info has been floating around the internet about the next expansion to FFXI, titled The Treasures of Aht Urghan. The earliest rumor was about one of three new jobs to be added, Blue Mage. According to the rumors Blue Mage will learn abilities of beasts, this reminded me of a character from FFVI...

Gau "Wild Child of the Veldt"

"Draped in monster hides, eyes shining with intelligence. A youth surviving against all odds...." Gau of the Veldt, kicked out into the wild by his father he learned to live with the animals and began taking on their actions. This gave way to his rage skill, which imitates creatures that gau has tracked on the Veldt. Although his attacks are powerfull, his uncontrollable behavior while using the rage ability can make him a detriment in some battles.Gau's rage ability allows himto take on the abilities, strengths and weaknesses of enemies he's had the chance to run with in the Veldt. This gives him a wide variety of attacks but also limits his usefulness in battle. When a rage skill is selected, Gau goes into a beszerk mode where he randomly uses the selected eneemies attacksagainst whatever enemy he chooses. Once he enters rage mode you cannot change his attacks unless he is KO'd and revived.Gau can learn the abilities of nearly any enemy in the game. However he must first encounter the enemy on the Veldtand use the leap command which is only available there.When you select the leap command Gau will jump on the enemies back and the battle will end automatically. As mentioned earlier, Gau can learn to mimic nearly any creature in the game. However, you'll only encounter creatures on the Veldtthat you've already enountered elsewhere. To maximize Gau's abilities return to the Veldt often"