Monday, August 1, 2005

Kam'lanaut: Metrosexual and the Magicite - pt. 1 Beaudeaux

As Tryp's fame throughout Vana Diel rose, I decided to pay Altair "I been mugged in Delk Tower" a visit to get my orders for mission 4. Altair hands me a letter of indroduction and sends me to visit the Archduke Kam'lanaut, this guy screams I AM EVIL & STYLISH, but I digress. It appears that word has reached the Arch-duke that the beastmen are on the rise and ol Kam wants me to "investigate" 3 areas; Beaudeaux, Castle Oztoja & Davoi and collect 3 pieces of Magicite and then return with them to Jeuno (I wonder what he's gonna do with them?). And if I succeed in said mission he'll reward me with an Air Ship pass. After recieving my mission I search for everyone's favorite Galkan BST and ask for his brute strengh to clear a path for me to claim the Magicite.....first stop Beaudeaux.

Before departing for Beaudeaux I pay a visit to Aldo in Neptune's Spire, the Tenshodo Headquarters and he gives me a silver bell to help me find the Magicite. Sattal Mansal tells me there are two other key items I'll need to reach the area where the magicite is hidden, but she'll only trade them for a Quadov charm and Quadov Augury Shield. With this in mind Krog and I traveled south from Jeuno thru Rollenberry Fields and the Pashhow Marshlands to Beaudeaux. We hunted down the NM Go'Bhu Gascon and got the Quadov Augury Shield, one of the items Sattal mentioned I needed to get into a secret area in Beaudeaux to "borrow" the Magicite. Next Krogenar and Courier Carry defeated De'Vyu Headhunter and I used the charm to free the traders (Evrard & Serafin) and then we scouted for De'Vyu Headhunter again to get another charm that I needed to trade Sattal Mansal in the Tenshodo HQ for a Coruscant Rosary. I also needed to trade in a Quadov Augury Shell to get a Black Matinee Necklace. With the Coruscant Rosary and the Black Matinee Necklace Krog and I made our way to the sealed off room in Beaudeaux and pilfered the first piece of magicite. Once I removed the Magicite the room in faded to white and I had a vision of the past, a group of adventurers in the Beaucedine Glacier; Raogrimm the Galkan swordsman, Ulrich the Hume Warrior and Cornelia the Hume Monk separated from a fellowship, the tension between Humes and Galkans in Bastok reached a shater point Ulrich unsheathes his sword but Cornelia steps between the two, red snow, a weeping Galka left to die in the blizzard, a hume with a dark secret.