Friday, August 5, 2005

Death of Flikblix and the Magicite pt 2 Castle Oztroja

Our next stop on our mission took us to the Yagudo strong hold, Castle Oztroja in the Meriphataud Mountains. Once we reached the doors to the alter room I used the Yagudo Torch given to me by the kind-hearted Fickblix the Gobbie who befriended Humes, Elvaan, Mithra and Galka, a little beastman with a big heart (>u.u<). Inside the alter room I collected the second peice of Magicite and had a second vision from the past....a meeting between Koru Moru and the mystical Star Sybil and a confrontation between Koru Moru and Tzee Xicu atop Castle Oztroja.

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