Thursday, August 25, 2005

Battle for the Blessed Hammer! WHM AF1

As September aproached I continued XPing my WHM getting ever closer to level 50 and soon I would have to break my first Genkai. But that was still 5 levels away. Krogenar was rapidly leveling his BST in a new linkshell, LotB (Lords of the Beasts). I was pretty much going solo for the better part of the year without a Linkshell, getting into PT's was never a problem but when it came to missions and quests I needed the help, and Krog was the only person left from the old and dead Kontract linkshell. So when he was available he helped me with the stuff I just couldn't do alone like getting my first piece of artifact armor....the Blessed Hammer!

My quest began in the San d'Orian Cathedral where I met Narcheral, he told me to go to Valkrun Dunes and investigate the broken song monument.

I met up with Krogenar and a member of his LS and battled the spirit of Marchelute after we had defeated it I collected a Tavnazian Pass, bid Krogenar farewell and returned to Narcheral for my first piece of artifact armor.

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