Sunday, August 7, 2005

The Lion the Magicite and the Shadowlord: pt.3 Davoi

Our final destination was Davoi, once an Elvaan village, now overrun by the Orcs... In order to reach the magicite in Davoi I needed the Crest of Davoi, fortunately a boy in upper Jeuno had one but was only willing to trade for some coerl meat. The reason is a bit odd but I gave him the meat, he gave me the crest and off I went for the third and final piece of magicite. Compared to the other two this was a walk in the park I reached the magic barrier, used the crest and claimed the final piece of magicite optistone.
As with the other two I experienced a vision from the past...the king of San d'Oria,; suspicious of the Humes of Bastok and their "investigation" of the Northlands sends a delegate to oversee their findings, this ties in with the events from the first vision. After you return to conscience Lion (think Rikku but a brunette) finds you in the room and an ghostly apparition of the Shadow Lord appears and declares that because of the cowardness, rage, envy, arrogance and apathy of the 5 races of Vana Diel his return is coming, and soon! Before I leave Lion tells me to meet her at the temple of Fei 'Yin in the Beaucedine Glacier. So I rush back to Jeuno to hand over the 3 pieces of Magicite which will keep the beastmen from ressurecting the Shadow Lord over to Archduke Kam'lanaut only to discover the govenors of Bastok, San d'Oria and Windurst were all attacked, I collect my 10,000 gill, my Airship Pass and jump on the first Airship back to Bastok....

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