Thursday, August 11, 2005

To the Northlands

August 10th 2005 Tryptifaeris had reached level 46 WHM, 25BLM, 7WAR, Bastok Rank5 and Fishing was at 13, the Sunbreeze Festival has been extended to Aug 22nd by popular demand, but Tryptifaeris the white had much work ahead of him...I accepted a quest from Shantotto to check on a new magic spell he'd been working on. This quest would take me to the Northlands and then to the tower of Fei'Yin. The first half of my quest had me travel thru the Ranguemont Pass to the Beaucedine Glacier, a frozen wasteland where two decades prior a fellowship of two humes; Ulrich the Warrior and Cornelia the Monk, a Galka Swordsman Raogrimm, Francmage the Elvaan Knight from the Kingdom of San d'Oria, Iru Kuiru the Tarutaru White Mage and Rabnah the Mithra Ranger had fallen to darkness.

I had no map and struggled to navigate thru the icey winds and blinding snow showers. I finally meet up with Torino-Samarino who had the scroll I needed to bring to Rukusu in the temple of Fei 'Yin. The Glacier was perilous for a White Mage traveling solo so I made sure to keep Sneak and Invis up at all times, but when I reached Torino-Samarino I needed to drop the Invis spell to talk to him....There was a Large Golem patroling the area I was in but it couldn't detect me unless I cast a magical spell. So I let my invis spell wear off, get the spell from Torino-Samarino and head a safe distance from the golem to recast Sneak and Invis but as I'm casting a Goblin spots me and begins to wail on me hard! I cast warp but it hits me before I finish casting so I try casting bind on the little SOB the spell works and I run, totally disoriented I find a spot to cast Sneak & Invis but another Gob shows up! I don't have much health left but as Altana would have it I spot a Galka BeastMaster in the hazy distance I run to him hoping he'll help, He sees me and my persuer and sics a pet on the Gobby, I cast Warp and pray, just as I disolve into the vortex I see the first Gobby emerge thru the blizzard, but it was too late I was gone! I flip the Goblin the bird and emerge safely back in Jeuno.With only half the quest complete I decide to get the map for the Beaucedine Glacier before I attempt that trek again.

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