Friday, July 27, 2018

SFV AE Weekly Missions and Extra Battle Mode for 7/26/18 - 8/2/18

It's Friday July 27th, the 25th week of AE and this weeks missions went live at 12AM last night! This weeks missions are:
  1. Perform a Combo 10X for 50FM
  2. Play a Trial for 250FM
  3. Clear Trials #01-#05 consecutively for 500FM
  4. The Rumored Four Kings Statue for 2,500FM
I'll post a video below to show how to complete the requirements for The Rumored Four Kings Statue.Go to Character Story Mode, Choose FANG, choose 1. Lair of the Four Kings vs M. Bison, beat him. Done.

After finishing the missions go tackle this weeks eXtra Battle Mode fights, this week there’s three.

  1. Laura's 4th [Q&I] Crossover Costume for 2,500 FM participation fee
  2. Upper Class Shadaloo Soldier for 1,000 FM participation fee
  3. Get your Hands on Fortune Tickets #5 for 250FM

This weeks missions can net you  3,300 FM. Add 12,000 FM for beating the Upper Class Shadaloo Soldier minus the 1,000 FM X3 participation fee.  Subtract the 2,500FM for Laura's 4th [Q&I]. Subtract  250FM for fighting Cannon Strike Cammy for some Fortune Tix. 
So this week I made a nice chunk of FM...12,550!
I also got around to completing Survival on Extreme with the new Survival mode and hit level 50 with my main! If you haven't touched Survival since the update I recommend giving it a go now...with the option to save and continue for 800 FM completing Survival on extreme is very doable now!

As always keep fighting the good fight. Be smart with your FM don't complain about the XBM golden soldiers and "Shin" versions of characters because the alternative is Capcom charging RM for all DLC characters.

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