Tuesday, July 31, 2018

EVO 2018 schedule

Wow it's that time again, time for THE FGC to rise up!
The EVO schedule and stream schedule is out for this coming weekend.
For me I'll be following the SFV schedule, for those on the east coast that can't convert time zones
Friday's Round 1 pools begin @ 12 pm EST
Saturday's Round 2 Pools begin @ 4 PM EST
Saturday's Semi's begin @ 8 PM
Sunday's Finals begin @ 1130 PM...I guess I'll find out the results Monday morning.
Last year I was hoping for PG Punk but Tokido dashed that dream, this year my FM is on Fujimura and his Ibuki.
I'm also curious to see more info regarding the Kill la Kill fighting game, I enjoyed the show (guilty pleasure). and the whole Seifuku/ blood letting to acquire power thing will be an interesting game mechanic!

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