Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Star Wars Rebels S2E18

This episode was well worth the wait thru the last 4 episode....not that they were bad but this episode was relentless from the moment it began!
Remember Luke's reservations about going with Leia and Han to destroy the shield generator on Endor? 
It seems Kanan is feeling the same pressure from the Inquisitors as every time him and Ezra go to survey a new potential planet for the rebels the 5th brother and seventh sister show up...someone needs to run some diagnostics on Chopper!
The duel against the Inquisitors was fantastic, I loved the team work with Kanan and Ezra it really demonstrated how close the two have become, this will certainly play a crucial role in the final two episodes! 
I was also glad to see how Ezra uses his ability to help them escape. 
Back on the Ghost we are treated to a fantastic conversation between Ahsoka and Ezra about Anakin this conversation demonstrates Ahsoka's reverence for her old master and shows how he is seen as a legendary Jedi by those still discovering the force. Kanan enters and explains his concern to Ahsoka and the 3 promptly depart again to return to Lothol, to the hidden Jedi temple to commune with Yoda. What happens in the temple is reminiscent to the episode in TCW where Ahsoka brought a class of younglings to find their kyber crystals to build their light sabers. 
Each has a different vision and each is unbelievably powerful, but Ahsoka's was the most emotionally charged...(if you watched TCW!)
The revelation in Kanan's vision was unforeseen but I also wonder if everyone's predictions about Ahsoka and Ezra are wrong...what if it's Ezra who dies and Ahsoka surrenders to Vader in the hope that she can save him....crazy idea but I love theorizing about this stuff!
I can't wait till next Wednesday!