Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Street Fighter Resurrection S1E1 New Challenger

Let me start by saying I loved SFAF and I'm very excited for SFWW but after seeing SFR....I'm keeping an open mind that Joey and Christian will do an excellent job but that fight between Ken Masters and Laura Matsuda seemed a little awkward, the pacing seemed slow and the overall scene did not feel like a sparing match as much as sexual foreplay.....just my opinion.
And the sparring match between "Amy" and the guy in Ken's gym wasn't much better. Amy's Shoryuken was laughable....Master Gouken would not approve. I did laugh at Ken's comment about people mistaking Amy for Ken....ain't that the truth with that god awful man bun hair style!
The wardrobe's are impressive and accurate to what the characters wear in SFV. And Charlie's Sonic Boom was impressive.
After watching the episode I have two questions:
1. Is that Guile's daughter training in Ken's gym?
2. Was that Kolin in Ryu's recollection?

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