Friday, March 25, 2016

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 finale trailer #2 Thoughts and Impressions

The season finale for Star Wars rebels is rapidly approaching and I cannot wait till next Wednesday!
Star has released a second trailer for Twilight of the Apprentice, this one focuses on Ezra and my boy from Dathomir....the Old Master, Maul. Check out the trailer below!
This trailer has really piqued my interest, Where is Mauls allegiance lie?!

 Last we saw him in TCW Sidious spared him from death, but if you read the Son of Dathomir Novel (I haven't). Apparently Maul escapes from Sidious and disappears...looks like we're gonna find him on Malachor! But who else is on Malachor?


Much like Shroud of Darkness I believe Ahsoka, Kanan and Ezra will be separated when they enter the Sith temple and each will face their own "demons".
As we can see Ahsoka will confront Darth Vader in the trailer below that came out about a week ago.

We still have five days until the season finale and I suspect we will be getting 1 more trailer that will focus on Kanan. I wonder who his "demon" will be? Will it be the Inquisitors? or perhaps Sidious himself?!
Who's not coming back?
Who's turning to the Dark Side?
Will Maul take Ezra as an apprentice?
Will Maul meet Vader?
Sith's about to get real next Wednesday!