Monday, March 7, 2016

Star Wars This is Madness 2016

 Star has just released the 2016 brackets for their annual March Madness tourney.....where da fuq is Jar Jar!? I mean he IS still alive! And while we're at it where's Maz Kinata?

So I looked it over and I'm predicting the following round one winners:
Light Side
Obi Wan VS Padme
R2 D2 VS Sabine
Luke VS Hera
Han VS Chewie
Yoda VS Finn
Ahsoka VS BB-8
Rey VS Ezra
Leia VS Poe

Dark Side
Darth Vader VS Fifth Brother
Seventh Sister VS Jabba 
Palpatine VS Asajj Ventress
Darth Maul VS Tarkin
Kylo Ren VS Jango
Count Dooku VS Capt. Phasma
Boba Fett VS General Hux
General  Grievous VS Agent Kallus

I don't think Kylo will last long but how great would it be if Han and Kylo made it all the way! And Han beats Kylo.
What do you think, do you agree with my choices?
Be sure to vote when the tourney begins March 14th. Star Wars This is Madness