Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Muppets S1E1 Pig Girls Don't Cry Thoughts & Impressions

I grew up watching the original Muppet Show, and I've seen many of the movies, most recently Muppets Most Wanted and I never thought Kermit and Co would return to prime time TV but here they are and I totally enjoyed the show!
It's not a rehash of the old show, this Muppet sShow is a reality TV show of the behind the scenes making of Up Late with Miss Piggy complete with individual cut away interviews! The new formula works amazingly well and the writing was relevant and witty! I really enjoyed the first episode, I think my generation will appreciate it for different reasons than younger viewers but there's something to enjoy regardless of age. Like the old show they had a guest star...Elizabeth Banks, and a musical performance also, The Imagine Dragons. 
I'm going to watch it again tonight with my son and see if he enjoys wife didn't give it a chance but she also thinks the Minions movie is stupid....
The Muppets stays on the DVR!