Monday, September 14, 2015

Fear the Walking Dead My Thoughts and Impressions as of S1 E3

So we're now three episodes in and last nights had some decent tension, knowing where the world is headed from here makes watching the Clark family playing monopoly oddly unnerving knowing there are walkers lurking right outside.
The funny thing was I found myself putting each character in FTWD from Madison, Alicia and Nick Clark (Johnny Depp Clone) to Daniel Salazar and his barbershop familia in Rick Grimes family and only 2 members of Fear might survive....
I say Nick Clark and Daniel Salazar would survive in Rick's world which they are about to enter.....Maybe Liza Ortiz...Travis' ex wife.
Speaking of which, if no one has noticed yet FTWD has basically flipped the triangle...instead of 2 guys 1 mother...Rick, Shane and Lori. We now have 2 mothers 1 guy...Madison, Liza and Travis. I don't think we're gonna have a ctrl C, ctrl V situation in FTWD with Madison and Liza but I have no doubt there will be drama! Travis my man play it cool and you could be the first man with a post apocalyptic harem!
Also we still don't know a fucking thing about this "virus", but if you were paying attention it's already affected 11 states as of the 3rd episode...what ever caused this moves fast!
One of the things I enjoy discussing with my wife and friends is what would you do in the (__X character's__) situation?
If I were Travis, I definitely would rethink staying till morning...there will definitely be more traffic the next day! And why would you head east into a desert???? I know this show is a great deal of biblical references but I don't think wandering the desert for 40 years to wait out the zombie apocalypse is gonna grab the ratings. Personally I think Krogenar's got the right idea, become apocalyptic pirates! Commandeer a large yacht from some 1%er and head out to the high seas! YAAAARRR!