Thursday, September 17, 2015

Street Fighter V Here Comes a New Challenger! Karin Kanzuki

So the Silicon Era report months ago was legit, this reveal is the one I've been hoping for and for me personally this has brought the hype more than any other reveal thus far. I'm diggin Karin's updated look, the outfit retains her original design but at the same time makes her appear older...not saying more mature😋

And the new Japan stage is gorgeous! There's a lot of characters in this stage and it pays a little homage to Kens SFA2 stage and also incorporates aspects of Ryu's stage. 
I've watched the trailer twice and there are a lot of characters in this stage, I see Karin's ever dutiful butler is back and I thought I saw Dan Hibiki hanging from tree on the left side of the stage. I will definitely be watching this trailer again!
With Karin's reveal the "blue zone/alpha zone" is complete, so we have 2 open in the"green zone/ SFII zone" and 2 in the "purple zone/ new character zone" I'm guessing the next reveal will be a green zone character...wil it be a SFII character or a SFIII like Alex or Sean?

*updated core roster image courtesy of Capcom Unity member NeoPyroXx

Along with Karin's reveal Capcom Unity also announced the Capcom Fighters Network Announcement: