Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Walking Dead S5E4 Slabtown

While Rick and the gang are on their religious retreat with Father Gabe and Abe, Rosita, Eugine and the rest of Z troop are on their rescue 911 road trip we finally catch up with Beth....ya remember her....Maggie's sister...
So while everyone else has been fighting to not be eaten by cannibals or bit by Walkers Beth wakes up in a soft hospital bed with clean sheets fresh scrubs and is surrounded by cops and a doctor! Beth has access to medicine, clean water yummy gerbils, so what's the problem? Well for starters Officer Dawn Lerner basically run's the hospital like some credit card companies, you're debt...being rescued or captured (however you want to look at it) whether you want be or not....the princiiple might seem within reach but the interest will keep you paying FOREVER! And if you're deemed valueless you get the shaft...literally! EXPRESS ELEVATOR TO HELL, GOING DOWN!
It's hard to keep the officers morale up when there's nothing but death and destruction every direction you look in, which leads me to problem number two...
You better be a master at a trade that isn't already taken in this hospitable because those who have a job at Shady Memorial will do ANYTHING to keep it, and if you don't have "skills" you might find yourself  sucking Officer Gormans'                                                          lolipop

What'd you think I was going to say?
Good Episode, all the fresh faces were a nice change of pace, Beth's struggle reminded be ALOT of baby doll's struggle in Sucker Punch!
Remember Beth if you don't believe in something, you'll fall for anything.

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