Sunday, November 23, 2014

Movie Review: Big Hero 6

So I just got home from my 7 day vacation at Walt Disney World on Friday....I'll be updating my YouTube channel with video's from my trip and I have over 3000 pictures to go thru.
Saturday I went with my wife and son to see Big Hero 6 and we all loved it, especially my son!
Big Hero 6 has alot of heart and NO singing, so fellas you can breathe easy knowing you wont have the kids singing in the back of the minivan on your next road trip.
Visually Big Hero 6 is gorgeous, San Franciscokyo (???) blends the two cities together into one stunning megalopolis that is a joy to see as Hiro and Baymax fly across it's skies....think back to the feeling you had the first time you saw RDJ as Tony Stark fly out of his lab in IM1...just as impressive in Big Hero 6!
The amalgamation of Tokyo and San Francisco in this movie was similar to Macross Frontier's.
The story deals with Hiro grieving the loss of his brother Tadashi but the message is very positive and never becomes sad or depressing.
Baymax's matter of fact personality is hilarious when paired with Hiro's adolescent energy and exuberant outgoing personality. Don't be deceived by Baymax's emotionless appearance, the big inflatable bot has a big heart!
I also liked the message the movie gave little kids that science can be exciting and fun, the other members of the team were all unique and enjoyable, Gogo, Wasabi, Honey lemon and Fred.
This is a Marvel property so be sure to stay for the post credits scene.
Big Hero 6 was a fun movie from start to finish that kids and adults can enjoy. It's chock full of emotion and humor and the visuals are gorgeous.

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